Academic Research Credit

Cognitive Science 199 - Academic Research Credit

Application Form: CogSci 199: Independent Study in Research

Cog Sci 199 is an independent study course for students engaged in research with a Cognitive Science affiliated faculty member. Cog Sci 199 is a variable unit class. You can earn between 1 and 4 units. Units are based on the number of hours necessary to complete the work assigned.

Note: Calculate units based on the formula of 1 unit per 3 hours of work per week.


To enroll in Cog Sci 199, you must meet ALL the follow requirements:

  • Your sponsor must be a Cog Sci affiliated faculty member
  • Your research project must be related to Cognitive Science
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • Complete the online form: CogSci 199: Independent Study in Research

NOTE: Cog Sci 199 is not appropriate for international students in the Cog Sci major who need units to qualify for their CPT.  All units are P/NP.  This course cannot be used to fulfill an elective requirement for the major.  Deadline for submitting the Cog Sci paperwork for Fall and Spring is the end of the third week of classes.  For summer, the deadline is the end of the first week of session C. Please submit the application electronically before the deadline.