Career Options

Career options with a degree in cognitive science

A natural question asked by many prospective majors is: What can I do with a degree in cognitive science? Where will it take me?

A cognitive science degree can take you many places. These include: graduate school in cognitive science or one of the constituent disciplines (e.g. psychology, linguistics, etc.), medical school, law school, positions in industry as a programmer, engineer, web designer, or the like, positions in a university setting as a research assistant, or teaching positions.

What can I do with a degree in Cognitive Science? Here are some of the paths our graduates have taken.

❖ Graduate School Programs in:

•Animal Behavior
•Animal Cognition
•Behavior Psych
•Clinical Psychology
•Cognitive Development
•Cognitive Neuroscience
•Cognitive Psych
•Cognitive Science
•Law School
•Optometry School
•Public Health
•School of Education
•Speech Pathology
•Vision Science

❖Art Therapy
❖Forensic Psychology
❖Game Design
❖Got a Fullbright Scholarship
❖Human-Computer Interface
❖Human Resources
❖HMO Consulting
❖Investment Banking
❖Live on kibbutz
❖Missionary Work in Mexico
❖Neural Marketing
❖Peace Corps
❖Research in Animal Cognition
❖Science Writing
❖Teach for America
❖Teach English as a Foreign Language
❖Teach in Japan (JET)
❖Teach High School Biology
❖Teach High School Math
❖Teach Policy/Administration
❖Technical Writing
❖Web Design/User Interface
❖Work at the CDC
❖Work for the FBI
❖Work for Google
❖Work at an NGO
❖Work in a Think Tank
❖Work for On-Campus Lab
❖Write/Create Video Games

Your major will not typically dictate your future career path. Employers are looking for (and complaining they can't find) new hires with the following skills:

▪Writing Skills
▪Strong Work Ethic
▪Teamwork Skills
▪Analytical Skills
▪Interpersonal Skills
▪Computer Skills
▪Problem-Solving Skills

Here is an analogous list that gives a more up-to-date but narrower summary for the most recent year's Cognitive Science majors.