Enrollment Tips

General Principles

Cognitive Science is an impacted major that draws from courses in other departments that may be impacted as well. Careful strategizing may help you get into courses that are in high demand.

Under the new enrollment system, Cog Sci-titled course wait lists will be processed on a partially automated basis. All seats in Cog Sci classes will be reserved for declared majors through the end of Phase I. All other students will be placed on the waiting list. At the end of Phase I (Nov. 13 for Spring 17 enrollment), we will manually process the waitlists for Upper Divs one time. When manually processing waitlists, we take into account three factors: what year you are, where you are on the waitlist, and whether you are on our intended major list. After we process the waitlist manually one time, the automatic waitlist will take over for the entirety of Phase II and the adjustment period. It will move students into Cog Sci classes on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Cog Sci advisors will not manually move intended students into Cog Sci upper divs after the final day of Phase I. 

If you are receiving a cryptic error message for a cog sci class saying that there is no waitlist for the class, or that the class is full, try changing the discussion section/lab in which you are enrolled. In some cases this can help you get on the waitlist. In general, keep in mind that, no matter how high you are on a lecture waiting list, you will not get into a class if you have chosen a full discussion section/lab. You must choose a discussion section with open seats in order to gain access to a course. 

Intended Major List

Any student who intends to declare Cognitive Science, and who has completed all prerequisites for the major except Cog Sci 1, is eligible to fill out our major declaration form early. Once this application has been approved by an advisor, students will be added to a list of intended students. See above for information about how being on this list can help you get off of waitlists for Cog Sci upper divs. Note: being on the intended list does not help you get into Cog Sci 1. It only can help you get off of waitlists for Cog Sci upper divs. 

Cognitive Science 1: Introduction to Cognitive Science

To maximize your chances to get into Cog Sci 1 during the Fall and Spring semesters, you need to place yourself on the waiting list during Phase 1, then make sure to fill out the survey that will be sent to every waitlisted student before the deadline (which will be indicated in the email containing the survey). Talking to a Cog Sci advisor will not increase your chances of getting into the course. Joining the Intended Major List will also not help you get into Cog Sci 1 (see above for more info on the intended major list). 

For Summer term, Cog Sci N1 is first come first serve. To maximize your chances of getting into the class, register for the course as soon as summer registration opens.  

Cog Sci 1/1B is taught each semester (and during the summer, as Cog Sci N1) and is an extremely impacted class, with long waitlists that fill during Phase I. Priority goes to intended Cognitive Science majors. This means that graduating seniors will not be enrolled. Students in other majors or colleges will need to indicate via survey (see below) how they plan to complete the Cog Sci major, in order to gain a place on the waitlist. Freshmen will only be enrolled if space permits (which is only rarely the case)

Beginning with Fall 2016, every student will initially be placed on the waitlist for Cog Sci 1. We will send a survey to every student who is on the waitlist as soon as the waitlist is full. The survey email will contain further details. 

If the waitlist is full by the time you attempt to enroll in Cog Sci 1, you will not be able to enroll in the course. Please try again another semester. 

Crosslisted Courses

Some courses in Cog Sci are crosslisted, e.g., Cog Sci C100/Psych C120. While you will receive credit for taking either side of the crosslisted course, declared majors will be more easily admitted on the Cog Sci side. If you are undeclared but able to declare at the end of the current semester (and have a pending declaration on file) you are better off on the Cog Sci side of the wait list. This advice applies to all Cog Sci/Psych crosslisted courses.

In some cases, e.g., Linguistics courses, try enrolling via the other departments if the Cog Sci side is full.

Frequency of Offerings

Don't assume that a course will be offered the semester you intend to take it. A good number of the courses are offered only once a year and some every other year. For example, courses that are typically offered "every fall" may be moved to spring if the instructor's schedule changes. Check with the Online Schedule of Classes for up-to-date information.