Glushko Prize Winners




Sofia Dhanani
Causal Manipulation of Retro-cue Benefit in Working Memory Using Frequency-Specific TMS
Advisor: Mark D'Esposito (Psychology)
Tara Ghazi
Representational gesture and memory: an empirical analysis
Advisors: Eve Sweetser (Linguistics) and Terry Deacon (Anthropology)


Uncovering the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of the Human Mirror Neuron Network: An Electrocorticography Study

Advisor: Robert Knight (Psychology)

A Computational Account of Sensory Prediction Error Gating in Reinforcement Learning Models

Advisor: Richard Ivry (Psychology)


Testing a Rational Account of Pragmatic Reasoning: The Case of Spatial Relations
Advisor: Terry Regier (Cognitive Science and Linguistics)


Reconstructing Musical Chords from Direct Recordings of Human Auditory Cortex

Advisor: Robert Knight (Psychology)

Cultural Differences in Color Preferences: Object Versus Symbolic Associations in China and the U.S. 

Advisor: Stephen Palmer (Psychology)


Subtyping PPA: Towards a Quantitative Approachto Classifying Primary Progressive Aphasia 
Using [18F] FDG-PET and Domain-Specific Cognitive Performance

Advisor: William Jagust (Public Health and Neuroscience)

Caching Algorithms and Rational Models of Memory
Advisor: Tom Griffiths (Cognitive Science and Psychology)

Investigating the Role of Attention in Lateralized Categorical Perception
Advisor: Terry Regier (Cognitive Science and Linguistics)


The Rewards of Sleep: Does REM Sleep Physiology Predict Human Striatal Incentive Brain Reactivity?
Advisor: Matthew Walker (Psychology)