Transfer Students

Transfer Students Applying to UCB

Questions regarding admissions should be directed to the UCB Admissions Office as we in the major have no input into the Admissions process. Students admitted to the UCB College of Letters and Science are admitted as undeclared students.

If you're admitted to UCB and hoping to major in Cognitive Science, it would be extremely useful for you to have taken as many of the following Cog Sci prerequisite equivalents as possible at community college. Note that the community college course needs to show up as the equivalent to the UCB course below on

1) Math 1A or 16A (Math 1A is preferred)
2) Computer Science 61A or Engineering 7 (Computer 61A is preferred)
3) Molecular and Cell Biology C61 or 64
4) Math 55 or Computer Science 70

Transfer Students Admitted to UCB

Students admitted to the College of Letters and Science must apply to a major after they arrive on campus. Indicating Cognitive Science as your preferred major during the admissions process as well completing our Golden Bear Advising quiz will provide vital information and will result in the removal of your enrollment hold. We invite all transfer students to come and see us in 140 Stephens during Welcome Week. 

For students admitted to UCB Fall 2015 and later, a "C" grade or higher in each of the three prerequisite courses will be required for acceptance into the major. This is in addition to a 2.0 overall UCB GPA.

Students may repeat courses one time only with the repeated grade being final.

Transfer Student 61A Resources

For students wishing to gain a bit of practice in Python (the language used for Computer Science 61A), Code Academy is a useful site. 

Google Developers also have a free online Python tutorial. 

A very nice Computer Science major put together this page of advice for 61A. Give it a read! 

The Computer Science Department offers this description of the course

Transfer Credit

Continuing students wishing to receive transfer credit for lower division major requirements taken at a California community college should consult with the Cog Sci advising office (140 Stephens Hall) before taking the course, after consulting the website.