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CogSci Peer Advising will be online for Fall 2020! If you would like to make a virtual appointment with a peer advisor, please fill out this form. 

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Our peer advisors are a great resource for students looking for guidance on course recommendations, CogSci research and careers, or why to major in Cognitive Science. 

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Meet our Peer Advisors:


Hi! My name is Celine and I’m a fourth-year double majoring in Sociology and Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. Cognitive Science has so many amazing classes and professors, but my favorite ones so far would have to be Psych 167AC (Stigma and Prejudice) with Professor Okonofua or Psych 131 (Developmental Psychopathology) with Professor Hinshaw. My main passion involves combining technology and human resources to create healthy workplaces and thriving company cultures, melding together my interests within social psychology and data science. I’ve worked for a tech startup in downtown Berkeley focused with HR in remote work and was an intern within Adobe’s Employee Experience department this past summer! During the school semester, when I’m not studying, you can find me relaxing with friends at a boba shop or leading tours of UC Berkeley as a campus ambassador! I came into Cal as a pure sociology major and added on cognitive science once I saw what a broad, versatile major it was. I’ve been able to dive into so many different fields through this major and am excited to help other people explore as well, come in and chat if you have any questions!  

Major Courses Taken: MCB C61 (Presti), CS 61A (Took in the summer with Uejio, Thakar, Ray, Nguyen), Data 8 (Wager & Sridharan), Ling 100 (Jenks), Phil 3 (Noe), Psych 160 (Mauss), Psych 131 (Hinshaw), CS 70 (Took in the summer with Hulett & Yang), Psych 167AC (Okonofua), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney)

Current Courses: Cog Sci C131 (Collins), Psych 133 (Walker)


Hullo, I’m Akash and I’m a junior majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. The CogSci program here at Berkeley is easily one of the best in the world with every one of the six departments that make up the major having insanely cool faculty who are world experts in their fields. One of my favourite classes has been Ling 106 - Cognitive Metaphor - taught by Professor Sweetser who was instrumental in developing the field and we even had a guest lecture by Lakoff himself.

I’m interested in working in the intersections between tech, medicine and science and plan on going on to pursue a MD/PHD after I graduate. I currently work as a research assistant in the Computation and Language Lab, the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic and the Metaphor Project. Last summer I interned at Technology for Global Security, a think tank here in the Bay. I’m an active member at Psychedelic Science at Berkeley, CSSA and CHAOS and enjoy being outdoors and going backpacking(favourite trip ever was the Skyline to the Sea Trail in Big Basin)

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A (Garcia), Data 8 (Summer), MCB C61 (Presti), Cog Sci 1 (Li), CS70 (Sinclair), Ling 100 (Hilton), Phil 3 (Lee), Ling 106 (Sweetser)

Current Courses: Cog Sci C127 (Ivry), D100 (Joseph & Perez) 


Hi, my name is Mikayla and I am a third year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Data Science! I came to Berkeley with many interests and found that Cog Sci’s interdisciplinary approach was a perfect fit for all of them. After taking Data 8 and CS 61A I discovered another academic interest and decided to add Data Science on as a second major. I have enjoyed all the Cog Sci classes I have taken, so it is hard to pick just one favorite class, but some of my favorites include Psych N150, Cog Sci 190, and Public Health 129! Along with the Cognitive Science and Data Science courses I have taken, I have also taken quite a few classes through the Dance and Performance Studies department here at UC Berkeley, and when I am not studying in Moffitt you can find me dancing on Sproul with the student run organization Danceworx! I was an academic intern for CS61A where I assisted in labs to help students understand the material better. This semester I am working on the Public Editor Marketing team to help combat misinformation in the news, particularly relating to COVID-19 and the 2020 election. Additionally, I am working as a Jupyter Notebook Developer for the Data Science Education Program to develop and expand Jupyter Notebooks for UC Berkeley courses. I would love to help you learn more about the Cognitive Science major in any way shape and form and answer any questions you may have!  

Major courses taken: Math 1A (Feldman), Philo 3 (Khatchirian), Psych C61 (Presti), Data 8 (Adhikari and Fithian), Cog Sci 1 (Pageler), Cog Sci 190 (Isaac), CS 61A (DeNero), Public Health 129 (Jagust), Ling 100 (Hilton), Info 103 (Duguid), CS 61B (Hilfinger), Psych N140 (Nkara), Psych N150 (John)

Current Courses: Data 100 (Joseph and Perez), Psych 125 (Bunge), 


Hey there, I’m Mimi! I’m a senior double majoring in Cognitive Science and Linguistics, with a Certificate in Design Innovation! My favorite classes would definitely have to be Philosophy 12A (Introduction to Logic), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics), and Linguistics C142 (Language and Thought). I love all of the Linguistics classes I took so far, so if you have an ounce of curiosity for LiNgUiStIcS, please come talk to me!!! My career interests include UI/UX design, art direction, and brand design (I’m teaching the Graphic Design and Brand Identity Decal this semester!). Some clubs I am involved with on campus are Innovative Design, Main Stacks, Dance the Bay, and the ASUC Senate Office. Outside of the classroom, I am a graphic designer, art director, dancer, musician, and pun queen. Feel free to chat with me about art, design, classes, schedule planning, the intersection between cognitive science and linguistics, your favorite Thai restaurants at Berkeley, traveling, dancing, existential thoughts, or anything that’s on your mind right now.  

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Simon), CS61A (Denero), CogSci N1 (Li, summer), MCB C61 (Presti), Math 55 (Haiman), Philos 12A (Khokhar, summer), CogSci C100 (Chan), CogSci 131 (Piantadosi), CogSci 182 (Pageler, summer), Ling 100 (Farmer), Ling 110 (Lin), Ling 120 (Jenks), Ling 121 (Jenks), Ling 150 (Bleaman), Ling C142 (Regier), Ling 155AC (Nee, summer), Anthro 166 (Karl, summer)

Current Courses: CogSci 170 (Isaac), Ling 130 (Garrett)


Hi there! My name is Yolanda, and I’m a senior majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology, with a minor in Russian Literature. My favorite classes so far have been Cogsci 170 (Brain Damage) with Professor Isaac and Anthro 111 (Evolution of Human Behavior) with Professor Deacon. My academic and research interests are in the intersection between cognitive science and the law (e.g. eyewitness memory, group dynamics in juries, mental health of survivors of violent crimes). I have interned at legal nonprofits and several Berkeley Law centers, and I am currently a research apprentice at MICRO Behavioral Lab, with a focus on memory and lie detection research. When I’m not in class or studying, you can find me enjoying an Agatha Christie novel in a coffee shop or cooking for friends, that is, if I’m not trapped in Dwinelle looking for a way out (it’s been three years and I still don’t understand that building). Feel free to reach out with any questions about classes, schedule planning, research and internship, and more! I would also love to chat about anything from the best restaurants in Berkeley to coping with the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A (DeNero), Cogsci 1 (Pageler), Math 55 (Ribet), MCB W61 (Presti), Psych 117 (Knight), Philosophy 25B (Primus), Psych C120/Cogsci C100 (Chan), Psych N160 (Gade), Psych 131 (Hinshaw), Psych N134 (Fisher), Psych N150 (John), Anthro 111 (Deacon), Psych 111 (Weiner), Cogsci 170 (Isaac)

Current courses: Cogsci 172 (Isaac)


Hey, I’m Pranavi (call me Pran)! I’m a fourth-year majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. Cog Sci is one of the coolest majors on campus! Some of my favorite Cog Sci courses so far have been MCB C61 (Brain, Mind and Behavior) with David Presti and Cog Sci C100/ Psych 120 (Basic Issues in Cognition) with Davina Chan. Aside from the fact that these classes are both so interesting and relevant, Presti and Chan are literal angels. Take their classes. You won’t regret it. On campus, I’m a research assistant in Ellen Ever’s Judgement and Decision Making Lab - we harness insights from psychology and economics to study phenomena in the psychology of preferences. I’ve also done research with Sarah Beckman and Rachel Dzombak, focusing on how to effectively teach students the benefits and applications of design thinking and teaming in project-based classrooms. I’ve been a member of Berkeley Innovation for the past three semesters, and currently serve as the External Vice President. I’m super excited about pursuing a career in product design after I graduate. This past summer, I interned at Quizlet as a Product Design Intern, and it was amazing! I’m really passionate about EdTech and leveraging the power of design to create more equity in education. Now that I’ve gotten my LinkedIn dump out of the way, you must know that I love reading self-improvement books, binging beauty gurus on Youtube, investing in stocks, exploring the coasts of California (I’m a Bay Area native!), sleeping, and Apple products! Hit me up if you have any questions about classes, design at Cal, book recs, or anything!

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Bamler), CS 61A (DeNero), Psych W61 (Presti, summer online), Psych 117 (D’Esposito), Psych 150 (John), Philo 3 (Noe), Data 8 (Adhikari & Fithian), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Ling 100 (Johnson), Cog Sci C100/ Psych 120 (Chan), Math 55 (Laney College), Cog Sci 131 (Piantadosi)

Current Courses: CogSci 170 (Isaac), Educ W140A (Hull)


Hey, I’m Asha! I am a senior majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. As a Cognitive Science major I have taken so many fascinating classes but my favorites ones so far have been Cog Sci 190(Brain Damage) and Cog Sci 131(Computational Models of Cognition). I am interested in the intersection of healthcare and data analytics and want to work in the biotech industry post graduation. This past summer I interned at the start-up Driving Forward where I analyzed how the health technology industry has been impacted by Covid-19. When I’m not in class you will find me at my favorite study spot of the semester (last semester it was the Yali’s at Sutarja), hanging with friends, or chilling on the glade.

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A(DeNero), Data 8(Adhikari),CogSci 1(Isaac), MCB C61(Presti), Math 55(Community College), Psych 127(Gallant), Cogsci 190(now Cogsci 170)(Isaac), Data 100(Gonzalez and Adhikari), Cogsci 131(Piantadosi), Philosophy W12A(Holliday), Psych 147(Kidd)

Current Courses: Linguistics 100(Jenks)


Hello hello! My name is Audrey and I’m a senior majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Education. My current main interests are in neuroscience research, public health, and medicine, and I ultimately hope to pursue an MD/PhD; I’m currently a research assistant at the D’Esposito Cognitive Neuroscience lab, finishing my honors thesis studying multivariate goal representations in the prefrontal cortex and impulsivity. On campus, I’m also an Assistant Coordinator and TA for HMAP’S Field Study Internship in the School of Public Health. Previously at Berkeley, I was also an analyst for Phoenix Consulting Group, consulting for biotech and healthcare companies, and a Fellow for the Fung Fellowship for Wellness & Technology Innovations, working on public health challenges using technology and human-centered design principles. I also have experience working as a research analyst for Trayt, a psychiatric health tech startup. My favorite Cognitive Science classes have to be COGSCI 172 (Clinical Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience) and COGSCI 171 (Genetic Factors in Human Neuropsychology); Professor Isaac teaches both and is an incredible professor! In my free time, I love creating art (digital, hand calligraphy, and watercolor), playing indoor and beach volleyball at the Clark Kerr sand courts, hanging out on the glade, and watching sunsets! PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me about anything at all, I would love to chat! 

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A (DeNero), MCB C61 (Presti), MATH 55 (Laney College), COGSCI 171 (Isaac), COGSCI 172 (Isaac), PSYCH 117 (Bengson, summer), PSYCH N120 (Chan, summer), LINGUIS 100 (Lau-Preechathammarach, summer), PSYCH C143 (Srinivasan), COGSCI 131 (Piantadosi), STAT 133 (Sanchez) 

Current Courses: COGSCI 170 (Isaac)

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  • What can I do with a Cognitive Science major?
  • How do I get into undergraduate research?
  • How do I declare Cognitive Science?
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                   Community service
                   Mental health
                   Sexual Health Internship (Tang Center)
                   Speech Pathology Internship