Peer Advising

Peer Advising

Peer advisors area available most days of the week in 140 Stephens Hall. For more detailed information and any changes to general schedule, please visit our live calendar

Meet our Peer Advisors

Hi there! I’m Rachel, a fourth year CogSci major and Linguistics minor. When I’m lucky and have free time, I enjoy baking and searching for friendly cats to pet. During my time at Cal, I spent a summer studying abroad in Paris, had a UX researcher internship, worked in four labs,  and am currently pursuing my CogSci honors thesis. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school for linguistics and then maybe entering the tech field as a linguist or UX Researcher. My favorite classes so far have been Comparative and Historical Linguistics (Ling 130) and Intro to Logic (Philos 12A).  Feel free to stop by and ask me any questions about research positions, study abroad, or anything else!

Major Courses Taken: Philos 12A (Yalcin), Math 16A (Slaman), CS61A (Hilfinger), MCB C61 (Presti),  Philos 3 (Noe), Math 55 (Stankova), Sociol 150 (Powers), Ling 100 (Garrett), CogSci 1 (Li), MCB 160 (Feldman, Isacoff, Ngai), Ling 130 (Garrett), Ling 110 (Lin), Ling 115 (Hyman), Ling 109 (Gahl), Anthro 160AC (Briggs)



Hi everyone! I’m Avanti, a fourth year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Applied Math. I just finished a year of research in the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience lab, and some of my favorite Cog Sci classes include Social Psychology (Psych 160) and Philosophy of Mind (Phil 132). This past summer, I interned at an asset management firm in New York in a group centered between finance and tech. In my spare time, I enjoy writing for the Daily Cal, searching for the best coffee spots around town, or losing my voice cheering for the Warriors. If you have questions or need advice regarding double majoring, pursuing research through URAP, finding internships, or anything else, I’d love to chat so please stop by!

Major Classes Taken: CS 61A (Hilfinger), Math 55 (Stankova), Ling 100 (Lin & Mikkelsen), MCB C61 (Presti), Psych 160 (Mauss), Phil 132 (Noe), Stat 133 (Sanchez), Rhetoric 103A (Porter), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Cog Sci 131 (Collins)

Hello hello! My name is Hannah, I am a third year Cognitive Science major. My absolute favorite class so far in the major has been CogSci 1 with Paul Li. When I have free time or am in need of a place to study, I love finding new coffee shops and cafes. I also enjoy reading, going to concerts, and making playlists on Spotify. I just completed a year in UCSF’s Bonding and Attunement in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Lab with a study on oxytocin, and this summer I was at the University of Mississippi Medical Center studying the role of deep cerebellar nuclei in the visual motor system of macaques. I am a huge fan of research, so if you have any questions about finding some experience, or about classes in the major, feel free to hit me up!

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Paulin), CS61A (Hilfinger), Math 55 (Holtz), Psych 160 (Chen), Cogsci 1 (Li), Cogsci 131 (Collins), MCB C61 (Presti)


Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m a fourth year Cog Sci major and Theater and Performance Studies minor. I’m interested in linguistics and psych, and have done research in both fields. I was a research assistant in the Institute of Human Development studying toddler cognition, and I spent the previous summer studying linguistic discourse relations at Hampshire College. I’ll be doing more work on discourse relations in a lab here at Cal starting this fall. Outside of class I like to garden, swim, and go to trivia nights. Let me know if you have any questions about research, student jobs on campus or anything else about Cog Sci!

Major Courses Taken: MCB C62 (Presti), Math 1A (Shin), Soc 150 (Powers), CS 61A (Denero), Psych C61 (Presti), Psych C143 (Srinivasan), Math 55 (Ramkumar), Ling 100 (Jenks), MCB 160 (Feldman, Isacoff, Ngai), Music 108 (Gygi), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Cog Sci 131 (Collins), Psych 167AC (Mendoza-Denton), Ling 170 (Beier)


Hey there, my name is Anna and I’m a fourth year majoring in (you guessed it) Cognitive Science and minoring in Korean Studies and Education. I was born in Korea but grew up in Los Angeles, CA. When I first came to Berkeley, I wanted to major in Anthropology or Sociology, then dabbled a bit in Psychology before deciding on Cognitive Science. I love how interdisciplinary the major is and how flexible meeting the requirements are. You can tell from my minors that I like exploring widely instead of deeply! During my time at Cal, besides academic classes I’ve also participated in numerous clubs, facilitated a DeCal, played IM Volleyball, studied abroad with UCEAP, researched under LRAP, and held work-study positions. In my free time, I indulge in snacks while watching Korean dramas/Netflix,/YouTube, explore the Bay Area for delicious foods, and try to hit the RSF to repair the damage. After graduating, I hope to try working in government/public service within the field of education. I’m excited to be a Peer Advisor because I enjoy giving advice and seeing people thrive! So don’t be afraid to come by my office hours. I’d be happy to help.

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A (Hou and Zhang), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Math 55 (Serganova), Psych C61 (Presti), Psych 114 (Wilbrecht), Ling C146 (Cychosz), Cog Sci 131 (Collins), Ling 100 (Mikkelsen), Philos 3 (Noe), Educ 140AC (Hull, Lizarraga), Ling 130 (Garrett), Ling 120 (Mikkelsen), L&S C160V (Keltner) 


Hi!  I’m Alicia.  I’m a fourth year, majoring in Cognitive Science with a Journalism minor.  I initially came to Berkeley intending to double major in Computer Science and English, but eventually found my happy medium with Cognitive Science.  Cog Sci 131 and C126 are two of my favorite Cognitive Science classes so far. Since I came to Berkeley, I’ve had the chance to work for The Daily Californian, join the social engineering sorority Phi Sigma Rho, and lab assist on a neuroimaging study at Kayser Lab. This past summer, I interned at Nielsen SF as an analyst on their innovation team, helping their clients figure how to best launch their next product into the marketplace.  When I have free time, I enjoy reading, baking, running, and hanging with my goldendoodle puppy, Nala. I’d love to chat with you, so swing by anytime!

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Coward), Math 1B (Paulin), Math 54 (Lott), CS 61A (Hilfinger), CS 61B (Hilfinger), CS 70 (Rao/Ramchandran), MCB C61 (Presti), Ling 100 (Lin/Mikkelsen), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney), Cog Sci 131 (Collins), Psych 117 (Knight), Philosophy 12A (Mancosu), Stat C100 (Perez/Hug)

Hey y’all! I’m Marina, a third year majoring in Cognitive Science (woo!). I grew up in Irvine, CA but originally born in Stony Brook, New York! I initially came to Berkeley as an Applied Math major, with no idea what Cognitive Science was, and I’m so glad I found out what it was at the end of my freshman year, because I love it and cannot imagine myself doing math anymore. One of my favorite classes I’ve taken so far is definitely Psych 117: Human Neuropsychology with Professor D’Esposito, I learned so much about the brain and different neurological disorders, and that course really helped me focus my interests in cognitive psychology. I currently work as a research assistant for Professor Richard Ivry’s Cognition and Action lab at Berkeley, studying how the brain controls motor movements. I’ve also been involved in IM Sports, various clubs, and I’m currently a team manager for the women’s basketball team here at Cal! I eventually want to pursue a career relating to sports psychology, to combine my love for basketball, the brain, and mental health. In my free time I like to explore SF, drink boba, and play basketball! I’m excited to be a peer advisor to help students with classes, career options, and learning more about the major. Feel free to stop by at the Cog Sci advising office and ask me any questions you may have about Cognitive Science or anything about Berkeley in general :)

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Paulin), MCB C61 (Presti), Data 8 (Denero), CS61A (Denero & Hilfinger), Philos 12A (Yalcin), Psych C167AC (Okonufa & Mendoza-Denton), Math 55 (Williams), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Soc 150 (Powers), Soc C167 (Lin), Psych 117 (D’Esposito), Psych 150 (IP, John), Psych 135 (IP, Harvey), Cog Sci 131 (IP, Piantadosi), Cog Sci C126 (IP, Whitney

Hey, I’m Sierra! I’m a fourth year, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Conservation Resource Studies. I’m also obtaining a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology. I came to Cal with little to no idea on what I wanted to study until I took (and fatefully got into!) Intro to Cognitive Science with Paul Li and Brain, Mind and Behavior with David Presti my fourth semester in. Those two classes (coupled with my fascination for shows like Westworld and movies like Ex Machina) cemented my love for Cognitive Science. I love neuroscience and learning how the brain works (talk to me about neuropsychology), as well as the intersection of psychology with social justice. I also enjoy Sci Fi, writing and photography, and have worked for California, Cal’s alumni magazine, for the past two years. Feel free to come talk to me if you’re considering the major, wondering about Cog Sci classes or classes in general, want advice on how to navigate the major, or just want to chat about school or life.

Major Courses Taken: Math 16A (Slaman), CS 61A (Denero, Hilfinger), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Math 55/11 (Smith), MCB C61 (Presti), Psych 117 (Knight), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney), CogSci 131 (Collins), Ling 100 (Jenks), Philos 3 (Noe), UGIS 120 (Vollmer), Psych 167AC (Okonofua), Social 150 (Powers), Psych 130 (IP) (Kring)

Hello! I’m Brenda, a fourth year Cognitive Science major who almost minored in CS and linguistics. I came to Berkeley as a MCB and English major, and changed my major another five times before finding Cognitive Science, a major perfect for someone with as many interdisciplinary interests as me! Since I’ve changed my major, I’ve found my passions in software engineering and multiple hobbies. Though I love software engineering as a career, I enjoy psychology and linguistics more in the academic setting. My favorite classes so far are Psych 133: Psychology of Sleep taught by Matt Walker and Linguistics 130: Historical and Comparative Linguistics taught by Andrew Garrett. Both are amazing professors teaching super interesting topics that you wouldn’t even know are interesting. On campus other than being a Cog Sci peer advisor, I’m was an instructor, now head TA, for the Web Design DeCal, TA for the React DeCal, and work part-time as a software engineer at SkyDeck! I’ve also done research in multiple psych labs on campus, so feel free to ask me about that! Outside of career and academics, I enjoy a lot of creative things including writing poetry, producing music (making crappy beats), and making/playing games. If you ever want to talk to me about the Cog Sci major (or the other majors I’ve been), software engineering (especially front-end development) and other industries, music/poetry, or anything else at all, feel free to reach out or stop by the office! I’d be more than happy to chat!

Major Courses Taken: Math 16A (Paulin), CS 61A (DeNero), CS 61B (Hug), Cog Sci 1 (Li), CS 70 (Summer), MCB W61 (Presti), Psych 160 (Gade), Psych 150 (Ayduk), Ling 100 (Jenks), Philos 3 (Campbell), Ling 130 (Garrett), Sociol C167 (Bakehorn), Psych 133 (Walker), Psych 130 (Levenson), Psych 162 (Keltner), CS 188 (Abbeel, Klein), Psych 156 (in progress), Cog Sci C126 (in progress)

Hi Everyone! My name is Annelise and I am a 4th year Cog Sci major. I have been researching in the Language and Cognitive Development Lab, under professor Srinivasan, for 3 years now and have been lucky enough to research for a couple other professors along the way as well. I am really interested in the interface between language and economic decisions. Some of my favourite classes at Berkeley have been Cog Sci 1 (Intro to Cog Sci) and Econ 119 (Behavioural Economics). Besides school I love trying new coffee shops, skiing, and reading. It took me a long time to decide on this major so I have quite a bit of experience with changing majors and know a lot about many majors’ curriculums. I also have done quite a bit with research so if you have any questions feel free to come and drop by!

Major Classes Taken: Cog Sci 1 (Li), Math 1A (Chen), Data 8 (Audited), CS 61A (Hilfinger), CS 70 (Rao & Ramachandran), Psych 117 (Knight), Ling C105 (Sweester/ Auditing), Ling C146 (Srinivasan), Cog Sci 131 (Colins), MCB C61 (Presti), CS 188 (Abeel & Klein),  Ling 100 (Garrett), Music 108 (Gygi/ Audited), Ling 108 (Gahl), Econ 119 (Taubinsky), Phil 133 (Campbell)

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