Peer Advising

ANNOUNCEMENT: CogSci Peer Advising will be moving online for the next couple of weeks (or until in-person instruction resumes)! If you would like to make a virtual appointment with a peer advisor, please fill out this form. As always, feel free to ask any questions that can be answered over email to!

Our peer advisors are a great resource for students looking for guidance on course recommendations, CogSci research and careers, or why to major in Cognitive Science. 

Any questions can be directed to

Spring 2020 peer advisors are available for drop-in advising in 140 Stephens Hall. For more detailed information about which advisors are in the office when, please refer to this chart

Meet our Peer Advisors:


Hello hello! My name is Hannah, I am a fourth year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology. My absolute favorite class so far in the major has been CogSci 1 with Paul Li. When I have free time or am in need of a place to study, I love finding new coffee shops and cafes. I also enjoy reading, going to concerts, and making playlists on Spotify. My research experience has ranged from the role of deep cerebellar nuclei in the visual motor system of macaques (University of Mississippi Medical Center) to the effect of oxytocin on group bonding in the context of PTSD (UCSF’s Bonding and Attunement in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Lab). Recently, I have been a lot more interested in clinical psychology, so I am currently working part time as an ABA therapist. My interests obviously jump around a lot, so feel free to ask me about anything!

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Paulin), CS61A (Hilfinger), Math 55 (Holtz), Psych 160 (Chen), Cogsci 1 (Li), Cogsci 131 (Collins), MCB C61 (Presti), MCB 160 (Isacoff, Bateup, Ngai), Phil 3 (Noe), IB 139 (Kaufer), Music 108 (Gygi), Ling 100 (Farmer), Cogsci C126 (Whitney), Cogsci C100 (Chan), Psych C143 (Srinivasan), Cogsci C127 (Gallant)

Current Courses: Psych 130 (Johnson), Psych 135 (Harvey), Psych 131 (Hinshaw), Info 159 (Bamman)


Hiya there! I’m Andrea and I’m a fourth-year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Art Practice. I’m originally from Los Angeles and now I’m here in the Bay eating to my heart’s content. I’ve taken so many classes within both my majors but my two absolute favorite courses I’ve taken at Cal would be Psych 133 with Matthew Walker and Cog Sci C126 with David Whitney. When I’m not studying or staying late in Kroeber Hall drawing, I’m indulging and trying many Asian eateries in the Bay, taking pictures while hiking the area, or watching many films/tv with spicy ramen in hand. I recently had the opportunity to combine my studies at NASA JPL to make a film for them using the knowledge I gained from both my majors. Who said you couldn’t combine both Art + Science?  I certainly have a wide range of interests and hobbies so come talk to me for any questions you may have about Cog Sci or doing an interesting combination of majors, food, movies, or any other questions that come to mind. I’m here for ya.  

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Bourgoin),  CS61A (Hilfinger), CS61B (Hilfinger), CS 70 (Rao, Ayazifar), Cog Sci 1 (Li), MCB W61 (Presti), Philos W12A (Holliday), Soc C167 (Lin), Psych 133 (Walker), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney), Psych 160 (Mauss), Philos 3 (Campbell), Art 178 (Niemeyer), Math 55 (Shende), Ling 100 (Johnson)

Current Courses: Cog Sci 131 (Piantadosi), UGBA 192AC (Harris)


Hello! My name is Helen, and I am a fourth year majoring in Cognitive Science, minoring in Computer Science, and pursuing the Berkeley Certificate of Design Innovation. My favorite major classes so far have been Info 213 with Niloufar Salehi and Education W140A with Glynda Hull. My interests include UX Design/HCI, urban dance, and discussing the social implications of EdTech. In the past, I’ve been a UX Design Intern at Cisco, a CS mentor for local middle school students, and even an AFX dance director. Next semester, I plan on going to graduate school for HCI and user research, though I also have experience recruiting in the design field, so I love helping other Berkeley students (especially CogSci students) dip their feet into the design world. Feel free to come and ask me anything CogSci, Berkeley, or life-related :)  

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Paulin), CS 61A (Hilfinger), MCB C61 (Presti), Philos 25A (MacFarlane), CS 70 (Ayazifar, Rao), Ling 100 (Michael), CogSci 1 (Li), CS 188 (Klein, Abbeel), Soc C167 (Lin), CogSci 131 (Piantadosi), CS W186 (Hellerstein), Educ W140A (Hull, Lizarraga), IEOR 170 (Adamson), CogSci 190 - 3 (Isaac), Info 213 (Salehi) 

Current Courses: CogSci 182 (Pageler)


Hello! My name is Isabel and I’m a fourth year majoring in Cognitive Science on the pre-med track. My favorite class has been Psych 117: Human Neuropsychology! My research experience includes understanding how language influences spatial awareness in children (Language and Cognitive Development Lab), using fMRI to understand emotion suppression in the prefrontal cortex (D’Esposito Cognitive Neuroscience Lab), and memory categorization (Brain and Memory Lab, University of Oregon). In my free time, I love watching movies and playing board games with my sorority sisters.

Major Courses Taken: CS61A (Hilfinger), MCB C61 (Presti), Math 55 (Haiman), Cog Sci 1 (Li), Psych 117 (D’Esposito), Music 108 (Gygi), Cog Sci 131 (Piantidosi), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney), Psych 160 (Mauss), Philos 3 (Campbell), Cog Sci 190-003 (Isaac), Ling 100 (Johnson)

Current Courses: Psych 162 (Keltner)


Hey! My name is Gayla, and I’m a senior majoring in Cognitive Science. My favorite classes so far have been Biology of Learning with Linda Wilbrecht and Brain, Mind, and Behavior with David Presti (because he is uh-mazing, and I’m really looking forward to his class Drugs and the Brain this semester). I’m interested in exploring different types and approaches to therapy, such as art and movement-based therapy and psychedelic therapy. Whatever the modality looks like (I like the idea of having a variety of tools), I want to help people locate a point of stillness within their awareness that is unwavering, and to teach them how to navigate there on their own so that they can liberate themselves from their mind whenever thoughts and feelings start to burden them. Outside of school, I love music and dancing, all things art, writing, yoga, spirituality, and spending time outside, especially in nature. I’d be happy to chat about anything from classes to cool ideas on consciousness and the universe, and I also love simply listening and hanging out.

Major Courses Taken: Math 1A (Paulin), CogSci 1 (Li), CS 61A (Hilfinger), Music 108 (Gygi), Psych 167AC (Okonofua), MCB C61 (Presti), NATAMST 151 (Pearson), BUDDSTD C114 (Turpeinen), Math 55 (Haiman), CogSci C101 (Sweetser), CogSci 131 (Piantadosi), Psych 114 (Wilbrecht), Psych C126 (Whitney)
Current Courses: LS C30T (Presti), Psych 160 (Chen), PoliSci 124A (Hassner)


Nice to meet ya! I’m a fourth year majoring in Cognitive Science. There’s so much teaching talent Cog Sci opens up for students at this campus! I really enjoyed Info 103 (History of Information) as a Cog Sci elective this past spring. I enjoy exploring data driven methods of understanding the mind and mapping human behavior. This past Summer I had a data analyst internship in Chicago matching user behavior to health data. When not in class, you’ll find me cooking or watching Youtube to learn random facts. Come talk about career and research opportunities, class selection, or your favorite food! I’ll be working post graduation as a UX consultant in Southern California. I will passionately debate you that pineapple belongs on pizza if you want to start with that. Enjoy your time at Cal!

Major Courses Taken: Math 16A (Gomez), Math 55 (Holtz), CogSci 1 (Li), Data 8 (DeNero), Cogsci 88 (Hayes), CS 61A (DeNero), MCB C61 (Presti), Psych C126 (Whitney), Info 103 (Duguid), Integbio C143B (Kriegsfeld), Psych 160 (Mauss), Linguis 100 (Jenks), Philos 3 (Noe), Psych 130 (Bishop), Anthro 107 (Deacon), CogSci C127 (Gallant), Stat 133 (Sanchez), 

Current Courses: Socio 167 (Lin), CogSci 131 (Piantadosi)


Greetings! My name is Tristan, I am a fourth year majoring in Cognitive Science. I love philosophy and would say that my favorite CogSci class so far has been Philosophy Nature of Mind with Professor Campbell. I entered Cal having absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in and didn’t begin my major requirements until my 2nd year. I was able to study abroad in Japan last semester (ask me about it!!) and am still on track to graduate on time. I did URAP last year under linguistics professor Lev Michael where I helped create a database for the Arawakan language family found in indigenous South America. In my freetime I love backpacking or biking outdoors, playing board games, and playing soccer. I also love reading a good book with some gentle music and a good cup of coffee. Let’s talk music, Japanese culture, traveling in general, sports, philosophy, or… of course, Cognitive Science! I am here to help in whatever way is needed. I hope you make this experience at Cal the best you possibly can!


Major Courses Taken: Math 16A (Paulin), CS61A (Hilfinger/DeNero), Cogsci 1 (Li), MCB C61 (Presti), Phil 3 (Campbell), Music 108 (Gygi), Ling 100 (Michael), Econ 119 (Graziani),  Cogsci C100 (Chan), Cogsci C190 (Isaac), Phil 135 (Campbell), Math 55 (Shende)

Current Courses: CogSci 131 (Piantadosi), Psych 147 (Kidd), IndEng 170 (Harris)


Hey guys! I’m Emma and I’m a 4th year Cognitive Science major with an intended Computer Science minor. My favorite course so far during my time at Cal has been either Ling100 with Lev Michael or CogSci 1 with Paul Li (both fantastic courses). Last Spring, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and learned so much about the Italian language and culture. However, I am so happy to be back and ready to embark on my last year here at UC Berkeley! I love going to concerts, spending time outside, exploring new places (cafes, shops, parks), and taking care of my mind and body through exercise, meditation, being around dogs, etc. I am passionate about helping others and have plenty of volunteer and non-profit work experience. I have participated in URAP for the Linguistic Department, working on data analyses for the Arawakan Comparative Linguistics project under professor Lev Michael. My coding experience ranges from my experience interning at a high tech company as a Product Data Auditor, in addition to projects I have completed in the courses listed above. If any of these things interest you, or if you ever just want to come by and chat, please do!

Major Courses Taken: Cogsci 1 (Li), Psych C61 (Presti), Music 108 (Gygi), Ling 100 (Michael), CS61A (DeNero), CS61B (Hug), CS61C (Weaver/Wawrzynek), CS70 (Rao/Ramchandran), Philos 25A (MacFarlane), Educ 140AC (Hull) 

Current Courses: Cogsci C100 (Chan), Cogsci C190 (Isaac), Psych C143 (Srinivasan)


Hi! My name is Celine and I’m a third-year double majoring in Sociology and Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. Cognitive science has so many amazing classes and professors, but my favorite ones so far would have to be Psych 167AC (Stigma and Prejudice) with Professor Okonofua or Psych 131 (Developmental Psychopathology) with Professor Hinshaw. My main passion involves combining technology and human resources to create healthy workplaces and thriving company cultures, melding together my interests within social psychology and data science. Currently, I am working for a tech startup in downtown Berkeley focused with HR in remote work and am looking forward to interning within Adobe’s Employee Experience department this coming summer! During the school semester, when I’m not studying, you can find me relaxing with friends at a boba shop or leading tours of UC Berkeley as a campus ambassador! I came into Cal as a pure sociology major and added on cognitive science once I saw what a broad, versatile major it was. I’ve been able to dive into so many different fields through this major and am excited to help other people explore as well, come in and chat if you have any questions!

Major Courses Taken: MCB C61 (Presti), CS 61A (Took in the summer with Uejio, Thakar, Ray, Nguyen), Data 8 (Wager & Sridharan), Ling 100 (Jenks), Phil 3 (Noe), Psych 160 (Mauss), Psych 131 (Hinshaw), CS 70 (Took in the summer with Hulett & Yang), Psych 167AC (Okonofua)

Current Courses: Cog Sci 1 (Li), Cog Sci C126 (Whitney)

Come see our peers if you are interested in...

  • What is Cognitive Science?
  • Which classes for the distribution requirements should I take?
  • Should I take this class at a community college?
  • What can I do with a Cognitive Science major?
  • How do I get into undergraduate research?
  • How do I declare Cognitive Science?
  • How do I apply for admission to the Honors Program?
  • How do I get academic credit for my internship or research?
  • Clubs/Internships: Our peers have specific experience with...

                   Community service
                   Mental health
                   Sexual Health Internship (Tang Center)
                   Speech Pathology Internship