Peer Advising

CogSci Peer Advising will resume in Fall 2022!

Check out the Peer Advisor Schedule and bios below if you'd like to meet with a peer advisor.

To see a peer advisor, join the virtual drop-in during their shift! 

Drop-in link:

Our peer advisors are a great resource for students looking for guidance on course recommendations, CogSci research and careers, or why to major in Cognitive Science. 

Any further questions can be directed to our interactive mailing list. 

After attending Peer Advisor office hours, please fill out this Evaluation Form to let us know how we're doing!

Meet our Peer Advisors:


Hello! My name is Anishi (she/her) and I’m a third year majoring in Cognitive Science and Data Science. I’m a news reporter with The Daily Cal, Marketing Chair at Asha for Education, and a Research Assistant with the Coleman Research Lab on data privacy. I also work as an English tutor and am involved with CSSA and the Basic Needs Center’s CalFresh team. I’m interested in UI/UX and UX research, so please reach out if you’d like to chat! My recommendation for your Berkeley bucket list: visit the Ferry Building Farmers Market in SF on Saturday mornings (the F bus takes you super close!).

Major Courses Taken: Data 8 (Adhikari & Wagner), CS 61A (Hilfinger & Fox), Math N55 (Farahmand), CogSci 190-01 (Chan), Psych 117 (D'Esposito), Psych 110 (Foster), CogSci C100 (Chan), AGRS 36 (Ferrari), & Rhetoric 167* (Weston)

Current Courses: Data C100 (Perez & Fithian), CogSci 131 (Ramirez), & Ling 100 (Jenks)

*Course approved via elective petition


Hi! My name is Kavya Marrapu (she/her/hers) and I am a fourth year Cognitive Science and Data Science major. I came in as a Cognitive Science major who wanted to be premed. However, after taking my first data science and computer science class I knew premed wasn’t for me and data and computer science was truly my passion. I decided to become both a Cognitive Science and Data Science major because I love how interdisciplinary both majors are. I specifically love how Cognitive Science lets me explore all my interests, instead of just a single interest. My favorite classes so far are Psychology of Sleep (Psychology 133) and Urban Data Analytics (CYPLAN 101). On campus, I am an officer in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and in the Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA). CSSA has given me the opportunity to not only meet some amazing fellow Cognitive Science majors, but through planning our yearly conference and other events I have worked with various Cognitive Science faculty around the nation! I also work at the Basic Needs Center as a Data Lead where I manage their data system. Over the summer, I have worked as a Software Engineer Intern for a couple tech companies. Outside of campus, I love to hang out with my friends, get boba or iced coffee, bake, and run half marathons. Feel free to hit me up about Cognitive Science/Data Science, computer science internships, baking, running or anything at all.  

Major Courses Taken: Data 8 (Sridaaran and Sahai), Cognitive Science 1 (Paul Li), MCB C61 (Presti), CS 61A (DeNero), CS 70(Rao), Cognitive Science C100 (Chan), Data C100 (Joseph & Perez), CS 188 (Dragan, Abbel), Ling 100 (Jenks), Psychology 133 (Walker), Cognitive Science 190 (Chan), & Info 103 (Duguid)

Current Courses: Philos 3 (Lee)


Hi, I’m Nicole (She/Her)! I’m a fourth year pursuing majors in Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Public Health along with a minor in Education. Cognitive Science was the first major I declared given its combination of my interests in neuroscience, understanding the brain, AI, and learning how to code! I’m also very passionate about mental health and clincial psychology, which led me to pursue additional majors in Psychology and Public Health. Combining my majors and passions, I am currently a Fung Fellow under the Health + Tech Track. On campus, I have pursued research experiences in a neuroscience lab and through URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program). I enjoy supporting incoming students as a current Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) and former RA for the STEM Excellence through Equity & Diversity (SEED) Scholars Honors Program, where I planned programs and presentations to support incoming freshmen during their first summer of taking classes at Cal. I also spent my past two summers interning at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where I worked on projects related to Science Strategies and Advisory Committees. In my free time, I love hiking, going to concerts, binge-watching Netflix, playing board games, and trying new types of food; feel free to reach out to chat about different cafes/study spots, classes, double/triple majoring, research, or anything at all! (: 

Major Courses Taken: CS 61A (Hilfinger & Fox), Data 8 (Sridharan & Sahai), CogSci 1 (Li), Math 1A (Paulin), Math 55 (Haiman), Psych C61 (Presti), Psych 133 (Walker), Psych 147 (Kidd), CogSci 190 (Ramirez), CogSci C142 (Regier), Educ 140AC (Hull & Fogel), Psych 160 (Chen), Psych 150 (Ayduk), Psych 130 (Bishop), Philos 3 (Campbell), Psych 135 (Harvey), & CogSci C100 (Chan)

Current Courses: CogSci C127 (Ivry)


Hello hello! My name is Ruisi (she/her/hers pronouns). I'm a 4th year Cognitive Science major with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy. I first came to Cal as an undecided major, and after taking classes from 9 disciplines in my freshman year, I discovered my passion for brain, coding and philosophical readings and therefore created such a combination of major and minor to fit all the classes I want to take in my 4-year plan. In regards to extracurriculars at Berkeley, I was one of the lead organizers of CS Kickstart, a weeklong Computer Science introductory program for incoming female-identifying freshmen. I'm also doing brain stimulation research at the Cognition and Action Lab under professor Richard Ivry. Career-wise, I have internship experience in product management and venture capital. I also spent my past summer doing an academic internship at Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo. Overall, I believe college is the time for exploration. I have been benefited a lot from this interdisciplinary education and strongly encourage you to do so as well (please let me know if you have any questions!). In my spare time, I like to hike, play golf and sudoku. I believe every Cal student should visit Berkeley Botanic Garden at least once before they graduate (it's a beautiful beautiful place!). I'm really excited to be part of cogsci advising and hope you all have a great semester!

Major Courses Taken: MCB C61 (Presti), CogSci 1 (Li), CogSci 190 (Chan), Philos 3 (Campbell), Philos 135 (MacFarlane), CS 61A (DeNero), CS 70 (Sinclair and Song), CS 188 (Dragan), Psych 133 (Walker), & Psych 150 (John)

Current Courses: Econ 119 (Acland) & Psych 130 (Johnson)


Hello! My name is Sophia and I am a senior majoring in Cognitive Science and Business, with a minor in Data Science. I originally came to Berkeley and wanted to pursue Business and Biology, then Business and Economics, then Business and Public Health, then Business and Data Science and then spring of sophomore year I found that Cognitive Science fit all of my interests. Cognitive Science was the perfect blend of the sciences and social sciences, and I was able to combine my interests in biology, data science, and psychology. My favorite CogSci classes so far have been CogSci 190T (Neuropsychology of Happiness) with Davina Chan, Psych 160 (Social Psychology) with Sara Gorchoff, and Data C100 (Principles & Techniques of Data Science) with Josh Hug & Lisa Yan. My career interests include consulting, especially how consumer psychology affects business, and I plan to pursue a career in consulting post-graduation for a few years and then go onto graduate school. On campus, I have been involved in Data C8 on course staff as an Academic Intern, worked at the Study Abroad Office, as well as being a member of a sorority and a consulting club. Off campus, I enjoy hiking, exploring San Francisco, and finding new restaurants to eat. A fun fact about me is that I studied abroad in London, and I traveled to nine different countries around Europe when I was there! Feel free to ask about Cognitive Science, major planning as a double major, summer classes, or anything else that comes up!

Major Courses Taken: Data C8 (Ayazifar & Sahai), Math 1A (Salavatori), CS 61A (Fox & Hilfinger), CogSci 1B (Ramirez), Math 55 (Farahmand), MCB W61 (Presti), Philosophy 25A (Christensen), CogSci 190T (Chan), UGBA 177* (Groth), Data C100 (Hug & Yan), Psych 140 (Xu), & Psych 160 (Gorchoff)

Current Courses: CogSci 131 (Ramirez) & CogSci 132 (Ramirez)

*Course approved via elective petition

Come see our peers if you are interested in...

  • What is Cognitive Science?
  • Which classes for the distribution requirements should I take?
  • Should I take this class at a community college?
  • What can I do with a Cognitive Science major?
  • How do I get into undergraduate research?
  • How do I declare Cognitive Science?
  • How do I apply for admission to the Honors Program?
  • How do I get academic credit for my internship or research?
  • Clubs/Internships: Our peers have specific experience with...

                   Community service
                   Mental health
                   Sexual Health Internship (Tang Center)
                   Speech Pathology Internship