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The main objective of the discipline of Cognitive Science is to provide a framework for bringing all the many disciplines that study the mind together into a cohesive whole. Students in our program draw on psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, neuroscience, and anthropology, among other fields, to illuminate how the human mind works, and why it works the way it does. Many influential ideas within cognitive science originated at Berkeley. The program draws on over forty affiliated faculty from a variety of departments, and is closely integrated with cognitive science research efforts across the campus.

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Department Highlights

PNP Policy Extended through Summer '21

April 23, 2021

Per the recent announcement from L&S, the Cognitive Science program will be accepting PNP grades for all major requirements through Summer '21. This includes pre-requisites.

Research Opportunity

January 22, 2021
Hello CogSci folks! Here is an exciting research opportunity through SURF :) The SURF fellowship is designed for students who seek to complete a research project in summer 2021, and will graduate in December 2021 or May 2022. About SURF
The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) gives undergraduate students across majors the opportunity to explore their passion for in-depth research in a specialized area of interest. The fellowship awards a $5,000 stipend for a summer research project that will lead to a senior thesis. The...

Needed: Feedback on research/internship/volunteer experiences

January 8, 2021

Hello Golden Bears!

The Cognitive Science Program is looking to collect feedback from students, current and former, regarding their volunteer, research, and/or internship experiences as they relate to cognitive science. The purpose of this is to gain an understanding of where our students are when they're out in the field as well as to know which opportunities our students would enthusiastically endorse.

If you are interested and have the time, please fill out this form. Filling out...