Transfer Students Resources

CogSci Welcomes Transfers!

Did you know that nearly 30% of UC Students are transfer students? And, studies show that they perform just as well as students who enter as freshmen.* 

The best way transfers can set themselves up for success is to reach out for help and to plan plan plan. Below, you can visit resources to help with both! 

If you are currently a CC student and are interested in pursuing a Cognitive Science major at Berkeley, please visit our transfer student FAQ page for useful information. 

Prospective transfer students should be aware of the following policies: 

  • To use CC courses to fulfill CogSci requirements, the exact course number and institution must be listed as articulated on
  • If a student suspects that the course they took should be counted as equivalent, the student should contact the UC Berkeley department that correlates to the course taken. For example, if a student took a Discrete Math course at a CC, and then discovered that the course is not articulated for the term they took it, they would contact the UCB Math Department to request that they evaluate the course material. If, in this example, the Math department declares the course equivalent to Math 55 at UC Berkeley, the CogSci Program will also accept the course as equivalent. Students who believe that a lower division course they have taken taken at a 4-year school, out-of-state  Community College, or other institution should follow this same protocol to receive CogSci lower div or prerequisite credit for their courses.  
  • Grades earned in CogSci prerequisite courses taken at CC will be considered when determining eligibility for declaration. See our degree requirements page for specific information. 

*Source: UC Transfer admission site