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The main objective of the discipline of Cognitive Science is to provide a framework for bringing all the many disciplines that study the mind together into a cohesive whole. Students in our program draw on psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, neuroscience, and anthropology, among other fields, to illuminate how the human mind works, and why it works the way it does. Many influential ideas within cognitive science originated at Berkeley. The program draws on over forty affiliated faculty from a variety of departments, and is closely integrated with cognitive science research efforts across the campus.

Current Updates

With an online fall semester at UC Berkely, we want you to know we are here to keep our students informed and feeling supported. 
  • Fall semester advising will be wholly online, with both major advisors and peer advisors. Please visit the advising page for instructions on how to make an appointment. 
  • The best ways to stay connected with your peers and the program are to join the Cog Sci Piazza and follow our Instagram @cogscicactus. These places are where important updates and information can be found.

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Department Highlights

International Students: stay tuned for future announcements re Fall 20 instruction

May 5, 2020

Any students interested in enrolling in CogSci classes remotely in Fall 2020, please check back later for updates. We are hoping to enable anyone from anywhere in the world to enroll in Fall 20 cogsci courses. Stay well everyone! 

Summer 2020 Cognitive Science classes offered remotely

April 14, 2020

COGSCI N1: Introduction to Cognitive Science - Class #: 13101 

Prerequisite / Lower Division Course for CogSci

Meets Social & Behavioral Sciences, L&S Breadth

  • 3 units

  • Taught by Linda Isaac 

  • Summer Session A: May 26 - July 2

  • TU, W, TH: 10:00 am - 12:29 pm