Student Clubs & Organizations

Want to get involved with clubs and meet other like minded students? Here are some clubs & organizations that are most relevant to Cognitive Science students. 

Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA)

The CSSA is an undergraduate organization at UC Berkeley, aiming to support and enrich the academic life of anyone interested in the interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science.

They strive to build a sense of community for those passionate about cognitive science and provide them with valuable opportunities for personal, academic, and career development.

Anthropology Undergraduate Association (AUA)

The Anthropology Undergraduate Association (AUA) is a student group at UC Berkeley dedicated to the enrichment of the academic and social lives of anthropology students. The AUA provides academic enrichment, professional enhancement, career guidance, social events and more! Membership is free every semester and is open to all students at UC Berkeley, faculty and staff. It is not necessary to be a member to take part in most activities.

Berkeley Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC)

They provide all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, regardless of academic degree, with the essential career development mind-set and hands-on experience vital to obtain professional entertainment networking connectionsinternships, and job opportunities within both the creative and business ends of the entertainment industry.

Through exclusive networking eventsconsulting projects, and community building, they are dedicated to your success.

Berkeley Innovation

As a human-centered design consultancy, they work with clients on projects ranging from physical to digital products, brands, and experiences.

They're also passionate about education and making design resources more accessible — they teach the Human-Centered Design DeCal every semester at Berkeley, host an annual HCD conference, provide public design workshops, and more.

Computer Science Undergraduate Association

The CSUA supports the undergraduate computer science student body at UC Berkeley and acts as an entry point to industry. We host tech talks, hackathons, info sessions, workshops, LAN parties, and the biannual Startup Fair.

Looking for a place to learn more about computer science and meet other students? Come visit us at our office (311 Soda) or come to our events.

Data Science Society at Berkeley

Data Science Society is UC Berkeley's first student-run, not-for-profit organization focused on data science and its interdisciplinary applications. Since their founding in 2016, they have united students from a wide range of disciplines behind their shared passion for all things data.

Design At Berkeley

Design at Berkeley is a student organization making design at UC Berkeley accessible. and bringing the design community together. We’re also ASUC registered, and sponsored by the Jacob’s Institute of Design.


We see tech differently. DiversaTech is UC Berkeley’s leading student-run technology consultancy. They combine engineering, design, and business principles to create novel, dynamic, and impactful recommendations. No technical or consulting experience necessary—all majors are welcome to apply!

Molecular and Cell Biology Undergraduate Student Association

Molecular & Cell Biology Undergraduate Association (mcbUSA), the oldest original MCB student organization sponsored by the UC Berkeley MCB department, is a committee-based student organization, completely formed and run by a group of driven, passionate, and hardworking MCB students. They aim to facilitate the formation of relationships between students and faculty, and explore different paths of biological careers in health and industry. By providing valuable resources and hosting a variety of events, they strive to promote the professional and educational development of students at Berkeley.

NeuroTech @ Berkeley

Neurotech@Berkeley serves as a hub for discussing the myriad technologies used in research and industry to collect, analyze, and utilize signals from the brain. As a student organization, they focus on non-invasive techniques such as EEG, TMS, and fMRI. Through meetings, workshops, and events, aim to educate the wider community about the challenges and benefits of biosensing and neurotechnology.

They further aim to be the central repository for biosensing hardware at UC Berkeley, providing access to devices for students to use for class, hackathons, or other projects.


oSTEM aims is to unite LGBTQ+ students studying STEM to foster a strong professional and social network and to promote LGBTQ+ awareness within the academic and professional communities.

Pre-Medical Honors Society (PMHS)

The Pre-Medical Honor Society (PMHS) is a student organization in which pre-medical students who have achieved academic excellence can further their understanding of the study and practice of medicine through various opportunities made available to our members. As the only pre-medical organization directly sponsored by the College of Letters and Science on campus, PMHS is committed to supporting the diversity of the student body and promoting equal opportunity in medicine and higher education. 

SLUgS (Society for Linguistics Undergraduate Students)

With amazing activities such as monolingual elicitation and tourings of the Phonology Lab, our members can have hands-on experience that can benefit them as an early introduction to linguistic field work. A collection of widely recognized and respected linguists are come every semester to educate our members on many facets of the field: translation, field research, computational linguistics, and even conlanging.

Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley (UJPB)

The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley is an annual publication that allows undergraduate students who have completed scientific studies in psychology and psychology-related fields to publish their findings to the larger academic community, promoting further and more excellent undergraduate research.

UX @ Berkeley

We are a group of students making the UX Design community at UC Berkeley more inclusive and interconnected. From speaker series to project partnerships, we are motivated to support Berkeley students during their UX journey.