How to Apply to the DE

Applications now open for the Graduate Designated Emphasis in Cognitive Science! Applications are due November 1, 2023 

All interested applicants should complete the application form below. The application form includes: 

  • Explanation of the applicant's prior preparation in the field
  • Applicant's projected pathway through the program including anticipated research directions and a list of intended coursework. 
  • A one page essay stating the basis for the applicant's reasons for applying
  • An up-to-date CV
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member from the applicant's home department indicating why and how the student would benefit from the  DE.  Please request that your recommender use this form to submit their letter. 

Student advising and committee requirements

  • The student’s PhD qualifying exam committee and dissertation committee must include at least one member of the Cognitive Science Graduate Group core faculty.
  • The dissertation project must address or engage with issues or methods in cognitive science in some substantive manner, from a relavent academic perspective.

  • The representative DE committee member will evaluate the cognitive science substance of the material.

Important considerations: 

  • Student must be admitted to the DE prior to taking the Qualifying Exam. 
  • Admissions will be determined by the members of the Executive Committee on the basis of the student's background and preparation, and on how well the student has articulated the value of the DE for their larger course of study and career goals. 
  • No additional time can be added to the normative time of your home department; however, due to the interdisciplinary nature of training and research in the designated emphasis, and depending on the student’s background, completion of the DE could add one, possibly two, additional semesters to the student’s total program.


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