Sample Program Plans

Sample Program Plans

2 year & 4 year

The program plans below are meant for reference only. Every student's program plan will look different depending on their priorities, strengths, goals, and relative preparation for coursework. We encourage all students to create a working program plan that they update regularly in consultation with staff and peer advisors.  

These are plans are not the only pathways towards a degree in CogSci and are merely examples. We encourage students to copy these plans to their own program planning worksheets and shift around classes as they fit with their unique goals.

DISCLAIMER: While CogSci accepts a variety of courses from several different departments on campus, it is up to the student to adequately prepare themselves for each course. Taking all of the CogSci lower division requirements alone may not prepare students for all courses listed on our comprehensive course list. For example, students are welcome to take CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and it is on them to take recommended course pre-requisites (i.e., CS 61B).

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