Robert J. Glushko Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Research

Glushko Prizes are awarded each term to all students who are designated as recipients of Highest Honors by their thesis committees. The winners receive a cash prize

Past Winners: 




  • Yoo Bin Lee for “Polyubiquitination of Tau Increases Across Braak Stages in Alzheimer’s Disease” 

    • First reader: Professor Richard B Ivry

    • Second reader: Professor Lea Grinberg

  • Akash Kulgod for “Towards a 4E Approach to Canine Olfaction”

    • First reader: Professor Lucia Jacobs

    • Second reader: Professor Frederic Theunissen


  • Oliver Krentzman for “The Cognitive, Psychological, and Physical Effect of Wim Hof’s Breathing Method: An Exploratory Study”
    • First reader: David E. Presti, Ph.D.
    • Second reader: Dacher Keltner, Ph.D.
  • Bonmu Ku for “Understanding Discursive Relativity in Spatial Cognition of L1-Korean-L2-English Bilinguals”
    • Advisor: Professor Terry Regier
    • Second reader: Professor Dor Abrahamson
  • Henry Allen for “Decoding Current and Previous Orientation from Small Targets in the Periphery Using Magnetoencephalography”

    • Advisors: David Whitney (first reader), Yuki Murai (postdoc advisor)

    • Second Reader: Kevin Weiner

  • Alison White for “Adolescent mental health and the potential for idiographic medicine using digital health strategies”

    • Advisor: Dr. Aaron Fisher at UC Berkeley

    • Second Reader Dr. Tiffany Ho at UCSF

  • Audrey Phan for "Disentangling the Contributions of Proactive and Reactive Control to Impulsivity"
    • Advisors: Mark D’Esposito, M.D. and Regina Lapate, Ph.D.

    • Second Reader: Linda Isaac, Ph.D.


  • Olivia Murillo for “An Analysis of the Relationships between Sleep Deprivation, Frontal Alpha Asymmetry, and Affect”

    • Advisors: Raphael Vallat, PhD and Eti Ben-Simon, PhD

    • Readers: David Presti, PhD and Linda Isaac, PhD

  • Sathvik Nair for "Attention-based Neural Networks Encode Aspects of Human Word Sense Knowledge"

    • Advisors: Dr. Stephan Meylan and Professor Mahesh Srinivasan

    • Second Reader: Professor Steven Piantadosi

  • Jessica Lindsey for “Workplace Kindness Predicts Job Satisfaction and Happiness at Work”\


  • Joseph Schenker for “Task-Switching Performance Relates to Dissociable Network Connectivity Patterns at Rest”

    • Faculty Advisor and 1st Reader: Professor Mark D’Esposito

    • Co-Advisor and 2nd Reader: Dr. Pauline Baniqued

  • Serena Meghani for “How Might We Use Words like Might? Categorical Distinctions in Epistemic Modal Verbs as Seen Through Modal Judgment Tasks”

    • Thesis advisor: Shaun O’Grady

    • Faculty mentor: Mahesh Srinivasan

  • Illina Bhaya-Grossman for “Dual-EEG Evidence for a Shared Cognitive Space Underlying Human Communication”

    • Advisors: Professor Robert Knight and Dr Arjen Stolk

    • Reader: Professor Richard Ivry

  • Ben Truong for “The Cause of Bias: Expedient Empathy”


  • Nora Harhen for “The Influence of Goal Setting on Value Learning: Examining how Goal-directed Behavior leverages the Reinforcement Learning System” 

    • Advisor: Anne Collins

    • Second Reader: Linda Wilbrecht

  • Alagia Cirolia