Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) Information

Curriculum Practical Training

International students who want to use CPT status to work in an internship related to their Cognitive Science major during Fall, Spring, or Summer must be enrolled in CogSci 197: Independent Internship Credit before a Cognitive Science advisor can sign a CPT form. 

Once students have completed all the steps below, they can visit a Cognitive Science advisor to obtain a signature on the CPT form.  Then, the form can be submitted to Berkeley International Office to receive necessary employment documents. 

Follow these steps to enroll in CogSci 197 in order to be eligible for CPT

1) Apply for Academic Internship Credit 

Students may apply to receive units (by enrolling in CogSci 197: Academic Internship Credit) for work done during internships that  meet the following requirements: 

  • Internship has been approved by a Cognitive Science affiliated faculty member, who agrees to submit a final grade at the end of the term
  • Internship is directly related to the field of Cognitive Science

AND, if the student themselves meets the following requirements: 

  • Student has a minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • Student must be a declared Cognitive Science major before the beginning of the term for which they want to enroll in CogSci 197
  • Student has provided the Cognitive Science advising office with the required application form, signed by their faculty. This form must be uploaded into Bdrive (or other online document storage service) and a shareable link must be pasted into the Google form below
  • Student has submited all forms by the end of the third week of classes during the Fall or Spring semester for which they want to enroll. In summer, forms must be submitted by the end of the first week of session C

2)  Once you are approved for CogSci 197, you will receive an enrollment code via email from a CogSci advisor. Use it to enroll in the agreed-upon number of units of CogSci 197.

3) After you are enrolled in CogSci 197, send a PDF of your filled-in CPT to a CogSci advisor. They will sign and return it electronically. 

4) Submit the CPT form to Berkeley International Office. 

*Link to CogSci 197 Application Form

**Note: If a student needs to add a 197 for CPT purposes after the add/drop deadline, they will need to provide a Late Change of Class Schedule form (signed by the faculty advisor) along with their application. Please note L&S will consider late change requests only during one of a student's terms as a Berkeley student. If a student uses this form to add CPT afte rthe add/drop deadline, they will not be able to make a late change to their schedule in any other term.