What can I do with a CogSci major?

The Cognitive Science major provides an excellent background for those interested in pursuing any number of careers. 

Here are some references to help you achieve the three C's: Clarity (what you might like to do), Competitiveness (the skills necessary to achieve your goals), and Connections. 


       Know Thyself

                  Tang Center Career Counseling Library

                  Read about careers with a social impact

                  Podcast about branding as an exercise in self-reflection

                  Visit the Career Center for in-depth career counseling

       Know the World of Work

                  Massive repository of advice about the workplace

                  Another massive repository of great information about the modern workplace

                  The blog at LinkedIn has some great articles about all aspects of work


                  @Cal Network connects students with alumns

                  Learn how to become a master informational interviewer

                  Use LinkedIn to your advantage


                  Get an internship: It's the best way to increase your competitiveness and marketability

                  Volunteer (It's really a lot like interning when you really think about it)

                  Consider post-graduate fellowships or service opportunities