Receiving Credit for Research

Independent Research Credit

Students may apply to receive units (by enrolling in CogSci 199: Independent Study in Research) for research projects conducted in a laboratory or independently with the support of a faculty member if their project meets the following requirements: 

  • Research is guided and overseen by a Cognitive Science affiliated faculty member
  • Research is directly related to questions pertinent to Cognitive Science as a field
  • Student has a minimum overall GPA of 2.0

Application Instructions: 

  • Get faculty signature on Faculty Authorization Form
  • Fill out google form and pase a shareable link to the Faculty Authorization Form
  • Submit forms by deadline by the end of the 3rd week of the semester, or by the end of the first week of session C in summer.   

Important Notes: 

  • Once your application has been approved, a CogSci advisor will provide you with the codes you will need to enroll in CogSci 199 via email.
  •  CogSci 199 units are NOT appropriate for international students who need to qualify for CPT.
  • All units are P/NP.
  • CogSci 199 units cannot fulfill elective credits for the CogSci major. 

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