December 2, 2019
We have recently learned that L&S has changed their practice regarding concurrent enrollment at both a community college and at UCB during the same Fall or Spring semester. 


The College will, from now on, ONLY approve a request to enroll at both a CC and UCB at the same time IF: 


Student formally requests approval before enrolling in CC course

Student can demonstrate that extraordinary circumstances prevent the student from taking said course at UCB

Student is NOT in their first or final term

Student is in good academic standing (not on probation, no registration holds, no D, F, or NP grades in the most recent term of attendance at UC Berkeley)

Student maintains 13 units (can be fewer if student is approved for a reduced course load) during the term in question


Given this change in practice, we advise students to take CC classes during the summer term, unless extraordinary circumstances arise. 


If you are approved for CC concurrent enrollment or take the course during the summer AND the course is articulated on, we will still gladly accept it to fulfill major requirements. 


Please direct questions about this change to the College of Letters & Science Advising Office. The petition can be found on the L&S advising website.