Spring 23 Enrollment Advising Update

September 27, 2022

Mark your calendars! Enrollment season is upon us and we know you all have questions to get answered. This update is to let you know that all CogSci enrollment advising services will be drop-in from 10/3-10/21. You can drop-in using this link from 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm. There will be no appointments during this time.

Also, if you have an undeclared hold placed on your account, you can get that released via email. CC all advisors on one email and we will release the hold so long as we see that you are making sufficient progress towards the major. If you have yet to complete any CogSci classes, because you are planning a major change, please meet with an advisor during our drop-in to have the hold removed.

Some enrollment tips:

  • Have back-ups

  • Have back-ups for your back-ups

  • Check the enrollment restrictions for each class to identify which classes to prioritize

    • Berkeleytime is a helpful resource to understand historic trends

  • Check the enrollment rules for each department you're trying to take classes in

  • Use the schedule planner to ensure you have no time conflicts

  • Set an alarm or reminder 15 minutes before your enrollment appointment

    • Ensure that you have access to stable wi-fi

    • If your enrollment appointment is during class, step out of class as a courtesy to other students