An organization is only as good as the people who breathe life into it. Cognitive Science is extremely fortunate to be driven by the efforts of dedicated and talented faculty and staff. 

Our faculty come from many departments on campus, and are at the top of each of their respective fields. They share a commitment to interdisciplinary inquiry and to developing a comprehensive understanding of the human mind. 

Cognitive Science Board

This group of faculty develop strategic vision for the program

  • John Campbell (Philosophy)
  • Terrance Deacon (Anthropology)
  • Alexei Efros (Computer Science)
  • Robert Glushko (Cognitive Science)
  • Alison Gopnik (Psychology)
  • Richard Ivry (Psychology)
  • Michael Jordan (Computer Science, Statistics)
  • Jitendra Malik (Computer Science)
  • Terry Regier (Linguistics, Cognitive Science)
  • Stuard Russell (Computer Science)

Our Staff

  • Joan Kask: Director of Administration
  • Nanette Hara: Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Ana Martin Romay: Office Manager
  • MacKenzie Moore: Academic Advisor
  • Catherine Byrne: Academic Advisor
  • Sarah Baughn: Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Beth Belfield: Marketing and Communicatons Assistant

Our Peer Advisors

  • Celine Chen
  • Mikayla Tom
  • Audrey Phan
  • Mimi Liu
  • Akash Kulgod
  • Asha Raghu
  • Yolanda Ye
  • Pranavi Javangula