Image of a virtual front desk. Features bitmojis of all three cognitive science advisors.

Have a question? Need Advice? We're here to help!

As a cognitive science major (or hopeful) you'll have access to 3 different types of advisors. You will have your college advisor (with Letters & Science), your major advisor (us!), and peer advisors (upper division students in the major). Here is how each of us can help you:

College Advisors: are able to help students identify majors to explore, explain breadth requirements, review university requirements, changing majors/colleges. etc. If it's not related to the major, an L&S advisor likely has an answer for you. 

Major Advisors: are able to help students understand degree requirements, review four-year plans, offer information on graduate school, etc. Basically, if it has something to do with cognitive science, major advisors are your go-to resource. 

Peer Advisors: can speak to the student experience. Peer advisors are great when you have questions about specific classes, how to manage or pursue multiple majors/a minor, are curious about certain clubs/internships, etc.