Meet our Advisors

Advising Services

Peer Advising

Peer advisors hold virtual drop-in hours during Fall and Spring whenever classes are in session and monitor our mailing list on Edstem.  

Students with questions related to CogSci should always talk to a Peer Advisor first if possible. They can answer most advising questions and provide useful advice based on first-hand experience. 

 All peer advising is remote and is conducted in this Zoom room

Staff Advising 

Drop-in staff advising is available remotely each week via Zoom. The schedule will be posted here.

Attend a staff Drop-in when: Your questions is quick or urgent (i.e. cannot wait until the next available appointment), AND a peer advisor has been unable to help solve it.

Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with a staff advisor when: You need to have a longer conversation, are facing academic or personal struggles (withdrawal, probation, health-related, etc.),  or when a peer advisor has been unable to help resolve your issue

Remote and in-person staff advising appointments are available except when campus is closed.